The connection between people stimulates ideas and sparks creativity; this is our nexus, the link between us is what makes us stand out. We believe in chemistry, teamwork and nurturing talent, especially in the offshore space.

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Dave Edge

Co-founder & CTO

Dave has over 20 years experience in the technology sector with an emphasis in software development. He was a key team member at Reuters in …

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Gary Stewart

Co-founder & CEO

Gary is a qualified ACCA accountant with over 18 years' working in IT and the offshore finance industry. He started his career as a Software…

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Malcolm Scott

Malcolm Scott

Director & Senior Consultant

Malcolm has over 25 years’ experience in Government and Technology, working in roles that have seen him lead and execute major enterprise ap…

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James Baker

Head of Marketing & BD

James has over 16 years of experience as a marketing and Business Development Specialist working solely within the technology space. He star…

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Stephen Roper

Senior CRM & Software Consultant

Stephen is an all rounder with a flair for technology. With over a decade of experience he has seen many changes within the sector but he ha…

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Tim Crowther

Senior Data & Analytics Consultant

With nearly 10 years’ experience managing audit, risk, regulatory, consulting and data projects, Tim has a deep understanding for detail and…


Joe Harvey

Senior Software Developer / Consultant

Joe has over 8 years experience both on the client and agency side, delivering effective technology solutions to a wide range of sectors. He…

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Thomas Evans

Associate Consultant

Thomas has extensive experience as a consultant in both the private and public sectors. Working in the finance industry he has extensive kno…


Paul Read

Associate Consultant

Paul is a senior IT professional with a wealth of experience in Microsoft technology stack and a proven record of accomplishment in public a…


Matthew Parker


As a well-rounded analyst Matt has the ability to take a step back in order to get a birds-eye view of a project. He strongly believes in co…

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Alex Pitter

Data & Analytics Consultant

Alex has experience in managing audits, consulting and data projects for a broad range of financial services clients. As a senior associate…