Associate Consultant

Thomas Evans.

Associate Consultant

Thomas has extensive experience as a consultant in both the private and public sectors. Working in the finance industry he has extensive knowledge of Dynamics CRM for Banking helping businesses to become more efficient and effective with a customer centric focus.

Thomas is a full stack developer proficient in multiple programming languages such as HTML/JavaScript, SQL, .NET (C#/VB/F#)Java C/++.

Thomas understands how to maximise the benefits from utilising the scalable power of Cloud services from platforms such as Azure/AWS/Google Compute Engine.

Additionally, Thomas has good infrastructure knowledge in Networking/Directory services, OS management as well as DevOps. Using powerful tools such as PowerShell, WMI, custom Orchestration.

Thomas is a creative thinker when it comes to delivering bespoke solutions for Nexus clients and always looking to stay ahead of the technology curve.