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Jersey's online ecosystem for fresh local produce

Technical Partner

The Covid-19 pandemic resulted in significant changes for many Islanders. While the lockdowns may have led to big developments in home working, e-commerce, and virtual events, in Jersey they also led to an increase in demand for local produce.

Nexus Technology partnered with web designers at The Collective to help put Jersey’s smallest local food producers on the map … literally.

The roots for a Hedge Veg site began at an environment-themed hackathon at Digital Jersey in 2019 where Nexus Technology built two different projects for final submission for the competition.

One of the hackathon projects was a map of local hedge veg boxes with interactive payment options, including an administration system to manage where the boxes are by dropping pins on a map.

When we heard that Bethan Watkins, an Islander with a passion for local produce, was keen to develop a website showing all of Jersey’s hedge veg stalls, we lent our expertise, developing our outlines from the hackathon into a user-friendly site.

With demand for local produce continuing to grow, plays an important role in helping Islanders find stalls near them.

We are delighted to support this project which shows how new technology can keep old traditions alive and make them more accessible for new generations to enjoy.

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