Hand Holding Birthday Cupcake

That went quickly! We've been around for two years now. Dave and Gary have taken a bit of a look back over the last year, here are their thoughts:


We've worked on some great projects and taken on some brilliant new people in the team. I can think of at least four projects that have been delivered to production use in 2019, not as easy as it sounds sometimes, especially when several of them have included significant data migrations. 2019 was, like 2018, a success when compared to our targets for the year but we don't want to get complacent so we've just commissioned a 360 review for staff and clients. The early results are very positive but we've had some good ideas for improvement in 2020 too. Two new starters in the next two months and we move to a new office in March, much to look forward to...



Was it really two years since Dave and I were pondering over a name? So much seems to have happened in that time. From the first moment when Dave and I realised that we were going to create a business together, we were aligned in our vision of doing business in a way that cares for clients, associates and staff. The first two years of trading have allowed us to be in control and work on a whole range of commercial and community projects for a number of wonderful clients.

We have been very fortunate to have built an incredibly talented and dedicated team in such a short period of time that we are now able to take on bigger projects, and have also started to export our talents outside of Jersey. We have just moved into our new offices and are very much looking to the future to continue building what we started.

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