Data Migration.

On-premises and in the cloud


Moving from one system to another? Do you have differing data storage technologies at either end of your migration? Perhaps your development team is focused on features for a new system and you'd like to separate their skills in this area from those required to perform a data migration to a known set of rules in a repeatable and audited fashion.

Nexus have performed many migrations for our clients, including:

  • 4 Series to SQL Server for archival following decommissioning
  • SQL Server to SQL Server (on-premises and in the Cloud)
  • SQL Server to MongoDB (and back)
  • Oracle to SQL Server
  • Access to SQL Server
  • Spreadsheets to SQL Server
  • SQL Server to Dynamics CRM

With each migration we recommend that we separate each step (Extract, Transform and Load) and document all transformations of data, providing a full audit log of each migration with the aim of creating a one click, repeatable process for every client.

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