Data Platform.

Unleash the power of your data


With so many systems now providing data that is essential to your business, choosing the right platform and getting the most from this investment is vital if you wish to unlock the power and business insights within, whether on-premise, in the Cloud or even at the edge with IOT solutions.

Our team has a huge amount of experience developing on-premise solutions on the Microsoft SQL server data platform.This can maximise your current investment, whether assisting with your migration to the cloud or building modern applications built on Microsoft Azure platform that take advantage of the efficiency and agility of its services. By using these modern platforms we are able to build intelligent apps and reporting /  BI applications that can give transformative insights for our clients.

Microsoft data platform is just one of the many data platforms we use at Nexus. We are constantly reviewing the market and our client needs, and as a result we have experience in a variety of technologies including MySQL and, more recently, MongoDB.

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