System Integration.

Connecting unaffiliated systems and services


Many businesses follow a modular approach to systems architecture - either as an intentional design pattern or a matter of circumstance due to irreplaceable legacy systems - and there are many excellent off-the-shelf applications which address isolated business functions.

What happens though when you need a number of these independent applications to work together to facilitate your wider business goals?

System integration connects independent applications together to work as one master system, adding value and new or improved functionality in the process. This can include a common data format enabling applications to “talk to one another”, middleware to provide additional features or the use of a service bus for timely delivery of data and redundancy.

Nexus aims to develop solutions alongside your existing architecture and infrastructure where possible, reducing the number of service providers with whom you need to maintain relationships, SLAs and billing information (eg were you consume services from Microsoft Azure, we would provide solutions which could be hosted and monitored from within the Azure ecosystem).

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