The Alteryx process automation platform empowers users, business analysts and data scientists to analyse data faster, uncover deep insights, make better decisions, and drive business outcomes through a no-code/low-code highly configurable, safe, secure, and powerful platform.

Why Alteryx?

Alteryx is a software platform that enforces digital transformation and automation initiatives, by allowing teams to create, modify and modernise processes (called a ‘workflow’) to become more efficient, repeatable and with less errors.


Benefits of Alteryx

  • Design workflows in a flexible no-code or coded interface
  • Save time and resources during app development
  • Perform end-to-end analytics
  • Make location-based calculations
  • Perform automated and continuous analytics on unstructured and structured data sets

Accelerate digital transformation with Nexus and Alteryx

Hear how we can help you to harness the rapidly evolving capabilities of Alteryx, drive quick wins and fast ROI by connecting with one of our Alteryx experts.

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