Data & Digital Platform

Are you looking to move away from legacy systems? Before engaging in a multiyear transition, which will be complex and costly, there is a better option. A data and digital platform (DDP) will deliver more value in less time, and at a much more attractive price. A DDP is data-centric which generates value and reduces negative operating issues at the same time, using dual layers; a smart business layer, and a data layer combination to transform core systems and infrastructure.

What is a digital platform?

It’s a unique bespoke platform built around people, processes, and tools that all come together to form a capable digital service, or multiple microservices used by digital service teams to understand its clients and produce a service to meet their needs.

What are the benefits of a DPP?

  • Unify and activate data by reducing silos
  • Ensure your data is easily accessible, allowing for quickly adapting in changing market conditions

  • Segment your customers and accurately target them with relevant information and offers
  • Empower your teams to solve real problems
  • Take products and services to market faster

A digital platform for data-driven innovation

A robust platform that enhances collaboration between end-users and digital service teams, enabling new products and services to be delivered through the platform’s ecosystem.

Application Services

This application services quadrant includes:

  • Application extensions
  • Application development
  • Application integration
  • UX Services

The analytics quadrant includes:

  • Data warehousing
  • Predictive analytics
  • Augmented BI

The intelligence quadrant includes:

  • RPA
  • Conversational AI
  • Machine Learning & AI
  • Data Science
Data Management

The data management quadrant includes:

  • Storage & processing
  • Data virtualisation
  • Data governance
  • Data pipelining
  • Connection management

Our data and digital platform strategy sessions

Are tailored to your individual needs and can help you create a data-driven, digital-first strategy that will help your business realise its full potential.

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